Welcome to the MEL Scripts, that splits a selected polygon surface into pieces. Many downloads have already happened...also by big studios. Thanks for trusting me!
It is easy to use:
1. Select one polygon surface
2. Run script in command line with "AxCrack"
3. Adjust parameters in GUI and hit "C R A C K".
Have fun and Enjoy!


This is non-commercial programme code. The Data is provided for use exclusively by you. You have the right to use and modify the code. However, you are NOT ALLOWED to incorporate this data into other products without authorization by A. Gaertner. Please refer to script code for further details. Please let me know if you use it and include me in your credits. I also might want to link your work on this website.


The script is not perfect at all. I tested the script in many ways but I assume not all errors have been corrected but for most projects it works really good. No support is given since it is a private project.

Known issues:

Maya crashes when a boolean operation failed and the undo command is being used.
Too many iterations will take a while. Always start with low number of iterations to prevent an overflow and a freeze of Maya.

Knife Shapes:

First sphere was cracked with planes, second one with spheres, third one with with boxes. 4 iterations, 1.5 knife distortions, crack order evenly distributed Sphere size 20.

Knife Shapes - How they look:

Usually these shapes are not visible but here you see the knifeshape "Plane","Sphere" and "Box" all distorted with a value of 0.5.

Crack Order:

Zylinder was cracked first with "evenly distributed", then "biggest next", then "smallest next" and last but not least "random next". The knife was a sphere distorted with an iteration of 6.